Know about COVID-19 if you are pregnant

As we all know about the Coronavirus outbreak almost all over the world. There are many pregnant women, who have lots of questions about their pregnancy, baby, delivery, and many more things. To get the answers to all your questions we talked to Dr. Astha Chakravarty, one of the best Gynecologists in Faridabad over a video call, and asked a few questions.

Let’s started with the first question:
Question: How can you protect yourself from the deadly coronavirus?
Answer:  All you need to do is to maintain good hygiene by frequently wash your hand with soap or sanitize your hands with sanitizer. Avoid going in any type of gathering even if it is in your home also. If anyone is coming from outside then maintain at least 6 ft of distance from them. Take a bath twice in a day. Go outside if urgent only otherwise stay at home. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, mouth until you wash if you coming from outside or if you are outside.

Question: Does becoming ill with the COVID-19 increase risk of miscarriage or other complications?

Answer: Well, According to the CDC, this type of risk has not been documented in any record. In research of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, if any woman becomes ill with COVID-19, she has a higher risk of preterm birth, but it is recorded in limited cases only. COVID-19 may not be the direct cause of preterm birth. I requested to all the pregnant women not to trust any type of myth.

Question: If I become sick, what is the risk of passing the virus on to my fetus or newborn?

Answer: We can’t answer this question surely but according to the small studies on limited cases of women during the third trimester of pregnancy that the risk of passing the virus to the fetus or newborn is very low. The study also showed that the virus is not present in breast milk, babies’ throat, or amniotic acid. If a woman is infected during her first trimester, immediately consult your maternity care team.

Question: Should I continue to have prenatal visits?

Answer: To ensuring fetal and maternal health, prenatal visits are important. As we are facing the global pandemic, I am requesting all the pregnant women to consult your doctor via Tele or video consultation. If any doctor is not providing this service then call your doctor and asked for the fixed time slot so that you need to wait for so long in the clinic and follow the guidelines issued by the government.If you still have any other queries, you can contact Dr. Astha Chakravarty on call. She will guide and help you for sure. So, feel free to consult her. If you want to meet her personally, then visit the Asha Fertility Clinic, one of the best IVFCentres in Faridabad.

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