The Rare Aspect Of IVF : Risk Factors

Why IVF?

Women who are unable to conceive naturally can become a mother with the help of IVF treatment. IVF ie In Vitro Fertilization is a reproductive technology. In this process, an egg is fertilized with sperm in a lab under the observation of an embryologist. When the embryo forms it transfers to the ovary.

Everyone knows about IVF and its advantages. In this blog, we will go through its rare aspect that no one discusses which is the risk factors of IVF.  Yes, there are some risk factors associated with IVF treatment, which are being discussed here.  We just want to be aware you from every aspect of IVF.

Ectopic pregnancy

In IVF, the embryo is directly inserted inside the uterus. In rare cases, ie 2 to 5 percent of cases, there can be an ectopic pregnancy. When the embryo does not attach to the uterine lining and develops into other parts of the reproductive system, it is called an ectopic pregnancy.

Premature birth

In some rare cases of IVF, a woman can give birth to a child before nine months. The baby may have a low birth weight. Delivery before nine months or premature labour can cause many problems for the baby.

Mental and physical stress

Fertility treatment like IVF puts physical and mental pressure on women. Injections of hormones for treatment cause a lot of pressure and stress on the body. This treatment is also very difficult for couples emotionally.

Multiple pregnancies

In IVF procedure,there can be more than one fetus growing. You may have twins or triplets with IVF. Multiple births can lead to many complications and there is a risk of pregnancy as well. In multiple births, there is a risk of complications like C-section, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, and premature birth.


Although there is no evidence to link miscarriage with IVF treatment, there is still a risk of miscarriage in the early months of normal pregnancy. The chances of miscarriage also depend on the age of the mother.

Side effects of drugs

Injection site pain, mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, flatulence, breast pain, headache, weight gain, nausea, dizziness, bleeding, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and acne side effects may appear due to hormonal injection for short period.

The problem due to egg retrieval

In this procedure, after the egg is removed from the ovary and fertilized, the embryo is inserted into the uterus. There may be mild cramping, vaginal discharge, pain when touching the breast, and constipation.

According to our specialist at Fertility Clinic in Faridabad

These side effects are very rare.There are very less chances of infection and other complications after IVF. Every treatment has its pros and cons. IVF is a boon for childless couples. Your eagerness for a child is greater than these side effects.

Consult with your specialist or visit at the Best Infertility Centre in Faridabad, if you are on the way to an IVF procedure.

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