7 things you must discuss with your Gynaecologist

If a woman is having a gynaecological problem or maybe she is concern about it, she must talk to the best gynaecologist about it. Gynaecologists deal with such an intimate part of the body, Best gynaecologist in Faridabad make sure their patients are comfortable and at ease. So the women become so comfortable with their gynaecologists that they decide to use them as their primary physician.
Here the 7 things you must discuss with your gynaecologist.
1. Talk about the menstrual cycle. If you are experiencing changes in period’s patterns, include spots, a heavier or lighter than normal flow, cramping, clotting, irregular periods, or anything else you may be concerned with.
2.  Vagina has its smell. It’s natural. But if you notice that something smells bad down there like the fishy or foul scent, you should mention it to your gynaecologist; it may be due to an infection or bacterial overgrowth. These issues are easily treatable.
3.   Many women avoid the symptoms of fertility problem, when they come to know that they are not able to conceive naturally, it becomes late then. Talk to the Best infertility specialist in Faridabad, She can recommend health habits and medical advice if you’re considering conceiving before it’s late.
4.  If you have abnormal discharge with pain, you need to discuss with your gynaecologist. It may be an STD or infection, something more serious, like cancer. Your gynae can diagnose and treat it on time.
5.   You can talk to your gynaecologist when you’re trying to get pregnant. Take a full body checkup to ensure that there is nothing complicated.  Your doctor not only will they be able to provide helpful information about lifestyle changes for conception.
6.  You need to talk to your doctor If intercourse is uncomfortable and causes you to pain in the vaginal area, then. Painful intercourse should not be ignored.
7.   You should tell your doctor about medications or supplements you’re taking. Whether you’re starting new birth control pills, trying to get pregnant or require surgery.
If you have questions about anything in your mind, discuss with the best gynaecologist,Dr Astha Chakravarty at Best IVF Faridabad.


  • by Ruchika
    Posted November 26, 2020 10:33 am 0Likes

    Dr. Astha Chakravarty is a very experienced doctor as she listened to my problems very patiently and also gave enough time to explain all the queries related to my problem. After years, I got the relief that I finally found the right doctor. I would surely recommend her to my friends and family.

  • by Ruchika
    Posted November 26, 2020 10:40 am 0Likes

    Dr. Astha is a very competent and skilled doctor. She helped and guided me in all the way of my IVF journey. She handled all my tension and stress during the process. As time passes my faith on the Dr. Astha was getting firm. Thank you Ma’am for helping me during this tough journey.

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