Where to Go For Surrogacy Options?

Infertility is like skipping out on some special occasion of parents as baby showers and kid’s parties. An infertile couple is  questioned by relatives, friends, and colleague at work as to why they dont have not a baby. It is  stressful for a couple to answer these questions.

But you shouldnt  get  stressed as there are many  treatment options available.  One of them is surrogacy. For many parents, finding that kind of solution can be a daunting task, but we provide  a more affordable surrogacy for you as intended parents.

The best way to find a surrogate is by consulting an infertility professional  such as Asha Infertility clinic which is the  Best Surrogacy clinic in Faridabad. When you choose this clinic, most of the process is taken care of by Best Infertility Specialist in Faridabad. The Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi, India is proud to introduce its surrogacy support team who is there to assist surrogate mothers. The physical and emotional well-being of surrogates is our topmost priority. Our staff is dedicated solely to surrogate mothers’ physical and emotional health, also their happiness and comfort.

We advise you to meet the surrogate before the procedure and once the pregnancy test is positive. We always take care of your wishes on the choice of your surrogate but we suggest you don’t select the surrogate-based on her physical characteristics besides vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Because the surrogate’s physical attributes have no impact on the child’s features as we use your sperm and ova.

You can also schedule a visit with our IVF Specialist in Faridabad Dr. Astha Chakravarty, to know about surrogates’ progress after conception.  We select the surrogate as per the ICMR guidelines. Before choosing a surrogate for a particular couple’s child, we must ensure that the woman satisfies all the physical and medical criteria to go through a successful full-term pregnancy.

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