What is normal fertility and what is infertility?

Normal Fertility
Fertility can be defined as the power of giving birth to a baby. Both males and females become fertile in their teens at their puberty age. The beginning of female reproductive years is ovulation and menstruation. Women are no longer able to become pregnant after menopause. As women get older, reproductive potential decreases.
Infertility in male and female is defined as trying to get for at least a year with no success. Fertility changes with age. Fertility slowly declines in the age of 30s. It’s a biological fact that as women and men age increases, their potential to have children decreases.It happens many times that the cause of infertility is not found. Some insignificant factors in both partners could cause unexplained fertility problems. Although, it can be frustrating for any couple to get no specific answer. But Dr. Astha at Asha Infertility Centre in Faridabad suggests that the problem may correct itself with time but, you shouldn’t delay treatment for infertility. The couples can have a healthy baby in their late 30s or early 40s. Asha Fertility Clinic in Faridabad may help you with any queries related to your fertility problems.

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