What happens during the IVF process?

At the IVF hospital in FaridabadDr. Astha Chakravarty elaborate that IVF is a procedure used to treat infertility problems. IVF is really popular and effective treatment. IVF procedure can be performing with your own eggs and your partner’s sperm or from a known or anonymous donor. IVF definitely increases your chances of pregnancy if you’re having fertility problems.Procedure of IVF:1.     In vitro fertilization performed in the lab when the eggs and sperms are fertilized.2.     The woman is given injections to stimulate her ovaries to grow more follicles which have eggs.3.     These eggs are retrieved using anaesthesia with the help of a transvaginal ultrasound scan.4.     The sperm sample is collected to conduct eggs fertilization.5.     The healthy sperm is introduced with egg under a microscope and being observed for 48 hours for fertilization and developed embryo.6.     These developed embryos are transferred into the uterus on 3rd or 5th day. The healthiest embryos are transferred into female’s uterus.7.     Progesterone injection is used to confirm that uterus lining is ready to receive an embryo.8.     To observe that if embryo is implanted successfully and development started. 9.     The patient has successfully conceived after implantation. That can be checked a pregnancy test is conducted after 2 weeks by performing a blood test called beta HCG.The main steps in an IVF cycle are:·         Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation (COH) and Follicular Monitoring·         HCG Trigger and Oocyte Retrieval·         Oocyte Culture, Insemination and Fertilization in the IVF Laboratory·         Embryo Transfer·         Pregnancy and after check ups
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