Treatment for Infertility: A Couple Needs Quality Assurance

A simple dream of having children can sometimes become challenging. Recent reports shared by Dr. Astha Chakravarty, the Best IVF Doctor in Faridabad mentions that IVF has become a popular method for families to complete this dream & fight infertility in the past decade. Many couples are leery of using it because they are afraid of having abnormal children as they believe conception is not “natural”. They cannot overcome these fears and are making a mistake by waiting so long to seek IVF.

In addition to a lack of knowledge and understanding about IVF, the prospect of physical, financial, and emotional stress can also be a barrier. The experience of infertility can be draining on your emotional reserves. So, make sure to prepare yourself physically and mentally through exercise and counseling and plan your work schedule in such a way that you won’t be stressed during your IVF cycle.

The inability to have children is caused by a variety of disorders that affect both women and men and contribute to family breakdown.

In India, the rapid growth has been recorded by the Best Surrogacy Centre in Faridabad that the number of infertile couples is increasing rapidly (about 30million couples struggle with infertility).

Quality Scarcity

Since 1970’s, when the IVF centre comes under cognizance an absence of regulations, virtually no quality assurance, and a lack of transparency are some of the issues facing by persons continuously. There is no licensing or registration requirement for clinics or sperm banks. Also, there is no standardized industry-wide rating of clinics’ success, safety, and quality. The path becomes more complex for couples after going through all these difficulties.


After serving multiple years in this field Dr. Astha Chakravarty always suggests to their patients that in this tough situation, couples should not need to go for the treatment by just following the trend without research.

As a Best Gynecologist in Faridabad, she always recommends, do not just fall for the low price or word of mouth or discounts, despite take your time before making any decision.

However, IVF treatments are still unaffordable for 80% of the population in India, while their pay scale is 3-4 times cheaper than in the US. Due to a less income, 21% of households (approximately 52,6 million) earn less than Rs 2 lakh annually. 

The problem is that most insurance policies (both private and public) do not cover infertility issues. The gap can be bridged by bank credit offered through certified rated clinics and P2P lending platforms – either owned by the clinic or built-in partnership with the clinic.

After giving multiple couples a reason for happiness, Asha IVF & Fertility Centre over the years has adopted quality, safety, and budget standards at par with patient’s affordability and continuously work through it.

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  • by Roshan
    Posted September 4, 2021 7:04 am 0Likes

    One of my friends was experiencing pregnancy-related problems. We received a recommendation from a family friend for Dr. Astha Chakravarty. Following our consultation, she recommended ICSI treatment for my friend after listening to her concerns and checking my friend’s situation. I am happy to report that everything went well and that my friend became pregnant. Thank you, Dr.!

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