Things You Need to Know About Donating Your Eggs

In Fertility treatment egg donation is an important part. Now many young and healthy ladies are initiating for it at the Best Egg donor Clinic. The fertility specialist uses it for IVF, surrogacy, etc. So we can say it is a part of assisted reproductive technology, or ART.

The doctor at the Best Fertility Clinic in Delhi says that in the Egg donation we accept the eggs of a fertile woman. The egg, or oocyte, is useful to another woman to help her conceive. But before egg donation, they should have to know the rules and regulations on the legal basis. They need to know every aspect of egg donation whether it is legal, money or eligibility.
Some important points are as follow:
1.    Donor’s age should be in between 21 and 35 years because this age group has a           higher quality and quantity of eggs. They respond better to fertility drugs.
2.   Her medical condition should be positive. She should be free of infections, such as HIV and hepatitis C and genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis gene.
3.   Doctors examine the donor’s mental health to ensure the health of children.
4.   Doctors take consent of the donor to be sure that she is making an informed decision before beginning the donation process.
5.   Egg donation clinics go through the legal process also. They sign a contract that ensures that donors have no legal rights or responsibilities to any children or embryos.
      6.  Egg donors usually receive payment for their time and effort. It does not depend on the outcome.

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