IVF Treatment Cost in India

When a childless couple comes to know that they have to get IVF done, then the first thing that comes to their mind is “the cost of IVF”. We all know that IVF is an expensive treatment. In this case, it can affect intended couple’s financial situation. There are many such cases in which people do not get IVF done considering it expensive. In such a situation, they should know that it is very affordable for them to get IVF done. Let us tell you that compared to other countries, IVF technology is a bit economical in India.

Talking about the success rate of IVF treatment, the chances of reproduction have been increased by the rate of 30 percent with the help of new technology.  After the age of 40, this rate declines, and at this age, the success rate remains only 13 to 18 percent. In Some cases, IVF cost depends on the success of the treatment. Because sometimes IVF gets success in the first cycle but in others, it takes 3-4 cycles to succeed.

IVF cost varies from hospital to city in India. In our country, the total cost of reproduction through IVF technology is generally in the range of Rs. 1,50,000 to 3000,00. Several factors influence the cost of IVF treatment, such as:

•           Age and how often treatment is needed.

•           Cost of donor egg or sperm (if needed during treatment)

•           Donor embryo cost

•           Testicular sperm aspiration cost

•           Intracytoplasmic sperm injection cost

•           Embryo freezing cost

•           Medicine cost

•           Lab test and scan cost

•           Advance fertility treatment cost

Dr. Astha from Best IVF Centre Faridabad says IVF cost can vary but you should choose a good hospital for getting the best IVF treatment, don’t compromise with the cost, and choose the clinic which has successful cases. For this, you can also talk to the couples who have taken treatment before in that hospital. Along with this, you should know the experience of the doctors of that clinic.

She says IVF technology is accessible to only 10 to 15 percent of the people in the country, but our efforts have been made to bring this process within the reach of every needy couple at an affordable rate.

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