How do Infertility treatments work?

Infertility treatments are used when the nature is unable to do its job. These treatments give hope to all the childless couples who are trying to conceive for more than a year.Are you one of them and searching for one of the best fertility clinics in Delhi NCR? I would personally recommend you to consult Dr. Astha Chakravarty, one of the best infertility specialists in Faridabad.Before visiting the clinic, let’s take a look at the brief description of the fertility treatments:IVF: It stands for In-vitro Fertilization and one of the best fertility treatments. This treatment works using both surgical processes and medicines. In this process, the woman’s eggs are extracted and fertilized with the sperm in the laboratory. Once the embryo develops, it is transferred into the uterus of the woman. This treatment is best for the women who are above 35 years or have damaged fallopian tubes and for the men who have less or poor sperm counts.IUI: It stands for Intrauterine Insemination or Artificial Insemination and is the most common infertility treatment. This treatment works when the well-prepared sperms are placed directly into the uterus of the woman. This treatment is best for couples who have difficult intercourse and for the men who have low sperm count and mobility.ICSI: It stands for  Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. This procedure is almost like the IVF treatment. In this procedure, a healthy sperm is selected and then injected into the center of the woman’s egg with the help of micropipette, a tiny needle in the laboratory. Once the embryo  develops,  it is placed into the mother’s uterus.Surrogacy: In this process, first  a surrogate mother is selected who can carry your genetic baby. After that, she gets pregnant through IVF . Before starting the process, there would be a legal contract between the surrogate mother and the couple.More than 5 million are born using fertility treatments and day-by-day the techniques, treatment, and technologies are getting better. If you still have any doubts, you can clear your doubts and for good suggestions, you can visit Asha Fertility Clinic, the best fertility clinic inFaridabad.

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