Are You Considering an IVF Treatment?

Now, who doesn’t know IVF? You possibly have read or heard about IVF. Although there is awareness, myths, and rumours spreading globally about IVF and its procedure, people are not hesitating to consider an IVF treatment.
Neeta and Manish is a couple married for 5 years. They could not begin their parenthood yet. And you know, when a couple is childless, only the woman is considered responsible and is said to be sterile, whereas the reason for being childless is not only due to female factors but in a majority of couples both men and women are equally responsible. Now, you can imagine how much stress and anxiety they are facing like Neeta. Neeta & Manish have taken many treatments and consultations but nothing worked. Now they have taken the last decision for IVF treatment.
The best infertility specialist in Faridabad Dr. Astha Chakravarty says, Generally, it happens that couples take time to make a decision about the IVF treatment. They take it as a last option. Sometimes it sounds late but, it is never too late for IVF treatment. For many couples, IVF treatment is no less than a boon.
Women who are unable to conceive naturally can become mothers with the help of IVF treatment. IVF ie in vitro fertilization is a reproductive technology. In this process, a woman’s egg is fertilized with husband’s sperm after taking her egg from the ovary.
It is a common myth that IVF is a stressful or painful procedure. Although stress is expected but IVF is a very easy and simple treatment that does not require any major operation or hospital stay. Most of the injections are given with a fine needle and are painless.
After IVF procedure you need to be a little more careful than normal pregnancy and you have to follow up with your doctor. Not only IVF treatment but also ART techniques are safe and designed to mimic human reproduction in laboratory. If you are facing a problem in conceiving , you must talk to your fertility specialist because a couple must know the actual reason for not conceiving. ASHA IVF & FERTILITY Centre in Faridabad aims to provide the highest level of treatment and service standards to our patients.

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  • by Pankaj Kumar
    Posted July 2, 2021 9:56 am 0Likes

    I had wonderful experience with dr. Astha chakravarty. She always gives the right and honest advice with listens to our problems carefully. She is best dr. For ivf and gynec. And the front desk staff and nurses is also very polite and helpful.

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