A Step By Step Look at the IVF Process

Fertility treatment plays an important role in infertile couples. It gives them hope to conceive a baby. There are various reasons for infertility such as hormonal changes, hereditary factors, and poor nutrition. Couples who cannot conceive naturally should stop worrying. With the advanced world of science and technology, it is now easy to conceive a baby through Artificial Reproductive Treatments. There is no harm and wrong in having babies in such a way. If you are tired of trying it naturally and take all other medications but still fail you should try IVF procedure.An IVF cycle /process has five steps to it:
•Induction of ovulation
This involves an injection of medicines to help the stimulation and maturation of multiple follicles in the ovaries.
•Egg retrieval
The mature egg is separated using a simple guided vaginal apparatus that uses a needle to pick up the egg.
•Fertilization and culture of embryo
The sperm is injected into a mature oocyte. The resultant embryos are kept in culture for 3 to 5 days to grow.
•Embryo transfer
Using a catheter, the embryos are transferred to a point close to the endometrial cavity in the uterus.
•Pregnancy test
A pregnancy test is done on the patient after 11 days after the embryo transfer to detect relevant hormones.
You can converse with Best infertility specialist in Faridabad in order to get the best treatment. Infertility treatment includes IVF, IUI, and assisted reproduction techniques. The specialist at IVF hospital in Faridabad says that ‘people choose IVF treatment process so that you can conceive without much stress. This treatment is totally safe and secure because it gives you a permanent solution and successful results.’ After all the pain, stress and spending money the best thing you would get is your own child.

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