Sperm freezing is the process of collecting, analyzing, freezing, and storing a man’s sperm. The samples are later used for fertility treatments or donated to infertile couples. It is a great way for couples to preserve their chances of conceiving a biological baby in the future. Here are many situations that could interfere with your future fertility.

These may include:

  • Men with cancer who are going under chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Men who are going under pelvic or testicular surgery.
  • Failure of fertilization or an unexpectedly low fertilization rate in previous IVF.
  • Vasectomy.
  • Men with High-risk occupations or sports.
  • Diabetes, which may cause erectile difficulty.
  • Being away from home on the day of assisted reproductive treatment.
  • Back up storage.
  • Older men.

Men with very low sperm counts may be encouraged to freeze sperm before ART, in case their fresh ejaculate has no sperm in it on the day of ART procedure. Sperm freezing is done successfully in Asha IVF and Fertility Centre. They freeze the sperm using special media then keep sperm in liquid nitrogen at minus 1960 C, and it can be stored for many years while maintaining a reasonable quality.

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