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Experts estimate that 1 in 8 women have trouble getting pregnant. But today, many infertility treatments like IVF, IUI, ISCI, Surrogacy and more according to your problems are available in medical sciences. But in all of them, IVF is one of the most useful options for having a biological baby. But consulting the doctor and knowing about the process is not enough. You also need to make a balance between what you are today and being parents to be.

Dr. Astha Chakravarty from the Best IVF Centre will help you in preparing yourself for the dos and don’ts and diet plan for IVF etc. Here is the list which will help you in preparing for the IVF treatment:·

The first step is to define the main cause of your infertility. Because one-third of the cases are due to female infertility, one-third of the cases are due to male infertility, and one-third of the cases are due to the combination of female and male infertility. You can consult the expert, who will give you the Best IVF Treatment in Faridabad. You should eat healthy the balanced diet included green vegetable, fresh fruits, and folic acids which is very important to your body and this is what you need also for the successful pregnancy.·

For a good result of IVF, stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, steroids, and intake of caffeine should be in limit·
You should start reading books, listening to music and do whatever you love to do to be stress-free.
For the successful IVF cycle, getting enough sleep is important.
Drink more water, at least 8 glasses of water can be consumed in a day. Foods to have during IVF treatments should be rich in:
Folic acid
Healthy Fatty acid

Proteins We hope that the above suggestions on planning for IVF treatment will help you. You can visit Asha IVF & Fertility Centre, the best IVF Centre.

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