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Egg Donor Clinic in Faridabad

Egg donation is most commonly performed in women more than 40 years of age, women with diminished ovarian reserve , women whose prior IVF cycles consistently yielded poor quality eggs or embryos , women with Premature menopause, women with absent or small ovaries like Turner s syndrome or Gonadal dysgenesis.

Egg Donation Centers and their Procedure

We are the leading Egg Donation Centers in Faridabad and Delhi NCR providing IVF with egg donation. A healthy donor between the ages of 21-35 years is chosen (as determined by medical and psychological examination, screening for STDs, and absence of HIV antibodies. An anonymous donor is carefully screened with an exhaustive history under various heads like menstrual history, obstetric history, past history of surgery, tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes, personal history, family history of any genetic diseases. A complete physical examination, medical tests for infectious diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, blood group and Rh type , Thalessemia screening and ultrasonography are performed. The donor also undergoes a psychological testing before she is selected. The donor’s menstrual cycle is matched with the recipient and the IVF process is started. Oocyte donation involves fertilizing the oocyte(s) of an anonymous oocyte donor with the sperms of the recipient’ s husband and transferring the resultant embryo into the recipient. The donor’s personal identity is not disclosed to the recipient or to the child born through the use of her gamete. The donor has no rights whatsoever on the resulting offspring and vice-versa.

The following information is recorded for the donor:

  • Identification number (Donor ID)
  • Age / Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Education: a. Donor b. Spouse
  • Occupation: c. Donor d. Spouse
  • Monthly income
  • Religion

    Obstetric history a. Number of deliveries b. Number of abortions c. Other points of note
  • Menstrual history
  • History of use of contraception
  • Medical history
  • Family history from the medical point of view
  • History of any abnormality in a child of the donor
  • History of blood transfusion
  • History of substance abuse

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Colour of skin
  • Colour of hair
  • Colour of eyes

We provide high success rates and delivery rates in ivf cycles with our egg donor clinic in Faridabad.

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